BETA - Improved Events + Optimizations/Fixes + Special Announcement


This is a shorter list of patch notes today as I focused a lot of last week fixing up and adding in-game events. There are quite a few fixes related to combat in there as well. Plus, I've done some optimizing related to a GPU bottleneck some players might have been experiencing.

Regarding events, I've gone through a bunch that were disabled for the beta and have enabled them and fixed issues that kept them from working properly. As well, some of the game's bosses are now quite a bit more involved and powerful. Each has their own special set of abilities. As you can see in the above gif, the Dweller shoots a beam of energy at nearby player entities, carving out any terrain (or critters!) in the way. I won't spoil the other bosses and their abilities, but be careful! They're out there.

The Ancients now have a bit more challenge as I've added a faction called the Ancient Hunters that may appear. They see Ancients and magic as a threat to the world and have devoted themselves to finding and eliminating all Ancients. After all, magic was used to cause the Fracture. I've always intended for Ancients to have a bit more threat from other factions to help balance out their easier playstyle.

Here are the notes:
-Optimized rendering performance.
-Re-enabled several scenarios.
-Upgraded boss scenarios to provide more of a challenge.
-The 'Game Saved' overlay should appear before the save to make it more noticeable.
-Fixed a bug where entities weren't attacking.
-Fixed a bug where ranged attackers could attack enemies if they didn't have the same pathing room.
-Improved combat behavior and entity control.
-Fixed an attack timing bug that caused projectiles to be fired at the beginning of an animation.
-Fixed a bug that kept fire from updating while on water or in the air. This would keep it from disappearing.
-Updated the game's loco art assets.
-Fixed a bug where battle music could continue playing after re-loading a save.

I'm very, very close to moving the current game out of beta and into production. This week, I'm only going to be tuning and testing. By Friday, it should be ready to move over.

Last, but not least, I am very excited to tell you all that Matt Creamer, the talented composer behind Odd Realm's music, is working on a bunch more music tracks for the game. Currently, there are only two tracks that play while you manage your settlement, so he'll be working on making more to fill that gameplay. I want to extend a special thanks to the Patreon supporters for helping bring these new tracks into the game. All the money raised in the Patreon has gone towards that! :)

Thanks everyone!



oddrealm_v0_10_0_19_mac_BETA.zip 191 MB
Feb 28, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_19_linux_BETA.zip 190 MB
Feb 28, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_19_win_BETA.zip 192 MB
Feb 28, 2022

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