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Hey gang!

This is (please god) the final hotfix patch before beta goes to the live production branch. Apologies for how long this is taking to go live! I'm at the point where I'm doing several hour playtests to find those bugs and tuning issues that arise during long play sessions. I found a few more things which I've listed below:

-Fixed a bug where some settings windows weren't showing.
-Low Food and Low Beverages notification should now only be seen for Humans.
-The game is now paused when the camera does cinematic moves, to avoid entities running off before the camera arrives at its target.
-Fixed a bug where the game could get stuck paused if an auto-save happened at the same time as a scenario.
-Fixed a bug where entities with all combat skills disabled would still fight. Now, they will flee away from their assailant.
-Changed some plant heat resistances so that not all plants can survive in extremely hot climates.
-Changed a few blueprints to use the Misc skill instead of Craft Wood. i.e., Thatch Roof, Dirt Wall, Cobble Floor, etc.
-Increased resource spawn rate for Human inherent buff. It was 0.5%, and is now 5%.
-Fixed a bug where the dim witted debuff was positive instead of negative.
-Entity notifications now show the profession icon.
-Fodder is now produced in the Kitchen instead of the Animal Enclosure.
-Fixed an issue where jobs could clog up rooms. Essentially, a job would get auto-added by a room, then the required items would become unavailable and the job would never start if the items weren't found. This would block other jobs from being placed. Now, jobs that sit for long enough without being started will be removed to let other jobs get added.
-Fixed a bug where entities could get assigned jobs they didn't have the skill for. Hilariously, a cow or other animal would sometimes have this happen. Please do let me know if you see an animal going to town on a hammer at the wood mill. This is entertaining, but not intended.

Alright, the plan is to push this version live tomorrow! I want to be safe and let it see some beta testing before flipping the switch. I'm fairly confident this version is stable, but you never know. I could have missed something. Stares at settings menu nervously.

 Also, I need to write up the post detailing all the 0.10 changes in the interim. There are a few!

Thanks everyone!



oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_win_BETA.zip 193 MB
Mar 08, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_linux_BETA.zip 191 MB
Mar 08, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_mac_BETA.zip 192 MB
Mar 08, 2022

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