Odd Realm Demo Is Live!


I've been meaning to make an Odd Realm demo for a while now. I don't like seeing people buy the game only to realize the visual style isn't for them, or it doesn't run so well, or any number of reasons. No one wants buyer's remorse! That being said, you can now play the Odd Realm demo on Windows, Mac, and Linux. :)

The demo is the full version of the game with two limitations. First, players can only play as the Humans, and, second, saved games cannot be loaded. If players decide to buy the full version of the game, their saved files from the demo will be there to load.

That's it for now. I'm wrapping up the rest of the new race update, so look forward to news about that soon!



oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_win_DEMO.zip 193 MB
May 30, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_linux_DEMO.zip 191 MB
May 30, 2022
oddrealm_v0_10_0_21_mac_DEMO.zip 192 MB
May 30, 2022

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