Modding & Fixes - Beta Patch Notes


I uploaded two patches at the end of the week, but was unable to put out an announcement at the time. Both patches are quite small, but provide some good fixes/features.

Namely, provides extra modding features while provides a couple fixes for critical bugs.

Also, I've uploaded a guide to the modding github page which explains how to get started making mods. I'm in the process of making a video tutorial as well. Additionally, I'm setting up the Steam Workshop page. I want to have both of these things ready this week.

If you'd like to take a look at the modding written guide, or download the modding project, you can find those here:

Modding Project & Guide

Here are the notes for both patches:
-Feature: Mods can now replace the default inline icon atlas.
-Feature: Mods can now provide UI icon textures.
-Bug Fix: Where modded terrain atlases weren't being found.
-Bug Fix: Where an entity could get stuck in an infinite equip item loop.
-Bug Fix: Where the room edit window could get stuck open.

I'm currently hunting down some behavior bugs related to eating and drinking, as well as some rare crashes players are experiencing. I hope to push out patches this week for those. If you are experiencing these, feel free to send me your save folder. It helps narrow down the issues.


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