Tuning & Fixes - Beta Patch Notes


I've uploaded a patch to the beta branch with tons of fixes, especially for eat/drink bugs, and a nasty load issue which kept items from loading properly.

Here are the notes:

-Bug Fix: Entities would get stuck in single open block point. Now, they will snap to the closest entity to get unstuck.
-Bug Fix/Performance Improvement: Where entities were searching additional blocks for a job candidate when they already had one.
-Bug Fix: Certain scenarios weren't activating because they couldn't find the right tag for a previously created entity.
-Bug Fix: Stale room jobs (ones that have been sitting around for a long period of time without starting) were not properly being removed from a room. This would cause multiple jobs to stack forever.
-Bug Fix: A null reference would occur (in the entity WorkState) when an item search processed in the background, then the active job was cleared, then the job finished to reference the cleared job.
-Bug Fix: Entities would always search for the highest priority diet item, and ignore other items even if the search for the first item failed.
-Bug Fix: Blueprint toggles could be deselected.
-Bug Fix: The Ancient Hunters dialogue wasn't showing.
-Bug Fix: Some item lists weren't indented correctly.
-Bug Fix: New carry jobs for stockpiles wouldn't be created if the stockpile owner already had a carry job for another room.
-Bug Fix: Drink/eat jobs couldn't stack. For example, if one drink job was on the only block with water and the entity assigned was way off on the other side of the map, it would keep others from making their own drink jobs.
-Bug Fix: Settlers would bring items to a higher priority room even though the items were not permitted.
-Bug Fix: Entity diets had incorrect priority values which could cause them not to eat/drink certain foods/beverages.
-Bug Fix: Captured entities wouldn't trigger certain prop actions. For example, door open/close.
-Bug Fix: Items wouldn't save/load if they were on a platform in the air.
-Feature: A warning will now appear to let you know when you are removing a permitted item from a stockpile list that was set from the auto-pop by diet owner group option. This only shows up once.
-Tuning: Stockpile carry jobs will now be assigned the stockpile priority.
-Tuning: The blueprint menu search now looks at tags for props. For example, even though the sleeping mat doesn't contain bed in its name, it will still show up in the search because it is tagged as a bed.
-Tuning: Spawned scenario entities now have their default uniforms set to a higher priority. This is so entities with good gear don't immediately start to unequip their items.
-Tuning: Animal owners are now set to 'limit to unique' by default. This is to keep animals from joining multiple enclosures.

There were several of you that sent me save files, and those helped so much. Special thanks to those folks as well as those that have been helping me find these bugs. :)

Take care!


oddrealm_v0_11_0_4_linux_BETA.zip 244 MB
86 days ago
oddrealm_v0_11_0_4_mac_BETA.zip 251 MB
86 days ago
oddrealm_v0_11_0_4_win_BETA.zip 247 MB
86 days ago

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