Tuning & Fixes & New Patreon Item - Beta Patch Notes

Happy Monday everyone!

Here's another stability patch with a bunch of fixes and some tuning changes. I also have some modding fixes in the works, but they aren't quite ready. As well, I'm currently setting up the Workshop steam page. It involves some SDK setup, so it's taking a tad bit longer than expected. I'll keep you posted about that.

This patch really focus fires on some stockpile bugs. Hope that is starting to feel better for most people. Let me know if you continue to get any stockpile weirdness.

Here are the notes:

-Modding: Replaced the JSON data field for scenario actions in GDEScenariosData with c# data classes.
-Bug Fix: Scenario entities would spawn with incorrect appearance and age.
-Bug Fix: Entities would get stuck trying to eat/drink/gather items that were inaccessible from the entity's position.
-Bug Fix: Updated the chicken race portrait to match the entity portraits.
-Bug Fix: Entities were not moving items from one stockpile to another if the origin stockpile didn't permit the item. Instead they would just bring the items outside the room.
-Bug Fix: Entities would not warm up in cold biomes.
-Bug Fix: Pre- saves would sometimes not load.
-Bug Fix: Entities were assigned sleep on ground jobs for unreachable points.
-Bug Fix: Auto-jobs weren't being checked based on priority. This could cause lower priority jobs to be added to workbenches first.
-Bug Fix: Entity default skills could have a visual glitch if the notifications list was opened before.
-Performance Improvement: Removed some redundant item checks related to managing storage items.
-Tuning: Stoneleaf bags will now only be created for killed entities if the item count is > 5.
-Tuning: Max storage default item count is now 9999, instead of 999.
-Tuning: Increased default room owner size to 99.
-Tuning/Bug Fix: Harvest Nyctoid and Harvest Chronoblast jobs in the Hortichron room are now just Harvest Plant. This also fixes a bug where the two former jobs would be applied to the wrong plants.
-Content: Added 1 Patreon item, Axeward, for Dustin Pundt. Thanks for your support!

Going to aim for another patch this Friday!

Thanks everyone and have a great week. :)



oddrealm_v0_11_0_5_linux_BETA.zip 248 MB
Jul 11, 2022
oddrealm_v0_11_0_5_win_BETA.zip 251 MB
Jul 11, 2022
oddrealm_v0_11_0_5_mac_BETA.zip 256 MB
Jul 11, 2022

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