Tuning, Fixes & Polish - Beta Patch Notes

Hey gang,

The latest patch has just been uploaded. I made a goof in the last patch which messed up uniforms and caused people to get stuck in idle. That should be fixed.

I've also done some work to smooth out the camera and entity movement. This will be very noticeable when following entities. No longer will it be all jittery.

Bunch of other things in there. Check it out:

-Polish: Auto-jobs will now show an orange warning that says, "Work point is in use," instead of a red warning that says the props is missing. This is to avoid confusion where the prop exists in the room but jobs can't be added because they already exists at the workstation.

-Polish: The selection box no longer snaps to a grid when selecting entities.

-Polish: Smoothed some of the camera movements. Especially when following entities.

-Polish: Smoothed some of the entity movements.

-Bug Fix: Not all mod data objects were being loaded.

-Bug Fix: Mods caching even without being enabled. This caused conflicts with other mods.

-Bug Fix: Entities could get stuck with the hover outline active even when the cursor was not hovering over them.

-Bug Fix: Entities get stuck in a mating job where they are both the targets of their own respective mating job. This also fixes an issue where entities wouldn't start other jobs if they were the target of a job which would never start.

-Bug Fix: Certain buffs on attributes were being saved and then never removed. This would cause bugs like Ardyn entities living forever.

-Bug Fix: Setting up a uniform could lock up entities in idle. This would cause them to start dying of thirst/hunger.

-Bug Fix: Platforms were not dirtying the neighbor paths and this could cause entities to get stuck pathfinding to places they can't actually reach.

-Tuning: Ice Blocks are now unlocked in Thaumaturgy I, and need the Thaumaturgy skill to make.

Thanks everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend. :)




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76 days ago
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