Archenthrall, New Props/Blocks, Fixes, Tuning - Beta Patch Notes


Long time no see. I have had quite the event filled last month, which includes my SSD corrupting and me needing to reset my desktop. So, I do apologize for the longer wait for an update! Also, sorry for the lackluster patch notes. I lost my patch notes on the corrupted SSD, but I did my best to create a new patch note list from memory. As you you'll see, my memory is apparently like a spaghetti strainer.

This patch adds in quite a few new content things. Lots of new blocks and props to build from things like sable, rutile, bronze, etc. But additionally, a new summon. Sort of. I guess it's more like a new spell? What I'm referring to is...


This is a new status that can be applied to Ancients. It makes them extremely powerful, but it does make them less effective in void crafting and summoning. It's essentially a rage-mode for Ancients. Keep in mind it cannot be reversed!

New Props/Blocks

I added quite a few things to the various material types. I didn't get to add all of the ones I wanted, but you'll notice quite a few new things. Check them out in the Saga window the next time you play. :)

More UI Polish???

I can almost hear the groans about yet another change to screens. I'll admit, UI is not my strong point. I'm really trying haha. That said, let's take a look at what I've gone and done now.

Namely, I've consolidated the room owners, production, and stockpile options into one window. I've cleaned up a lot of the various screens by removing unnecessary visuals, moved lists to the left of windows, unified colors schemes, etc. The production window has seen a lot of changes to help make things easier to use and clearer. You'll notice that you can now collapse and expand a ton of the UI elements to reduce the clutter. Plus, it should be much easier to tell why you can't do a job.

I've added (back) in the ability to queue jobs. So, if you manually add some jobs to a room, it will add as many as it can based on available work stations, and the remainder will be queued until the work station becomes available.

Patch Notes

-Feature: Job Queueing in Room Edit window. When increasing the job count for an auto-job, any number that exceeds the available work station count will be queued. Queued jobs are then added to the room when work stations become available.
-Content: Added more props, and blocks for several material types.
-Content: Archenthrall summon.
-Tuning: Increased stockpile max cap to 99999.
-Tuning: Climbing down 1 block now receives a small speed bonus. This is to simulate an entity simply jumping down onto the ledge below.
-Tuning: Ancients will now start with the Magic Fighting skill enabled by default.
-Polish: Moved all window lists to the left to help players read left to right better.
-Polish: Added quite a few utility options to lists, especially for things like remove/add all.
-Polish: Unified the colors for all windows to better communicate button purpose and reduce clutter.
-Polish: Combined the production, owners, and stockpile room windows into one window.
-Polish: Redid the layout for production to make job management clearer and easier.
-Polish: Added better feedback to jobs and room owner settings to communicate why a job can't be done, and why an entity won't join a room.
-Polish: Added the option to select where room job workers/subjects are pulled from. You can now select specific rooms groups or the entire region.
-Bug Fix: System keys like ESC were not working in the front end.
-Bug Fix: Some information in the overworld screen could get cut off on smaller resolutions.
-Bug Fix: Many scenarios/threats weren't activating if the settlement had a complete water border.
-Bug Fix: Control group entities weren't saving.
-Bug Fix: Cages and traps weren't triggering correctly.

Next Up

This will be my last content update for the expansion. The next two weeks are going to focus on bug fixing and tuning as I want to move the beta to the live branch in the middle of October. I think this patch will have a couple nice production window bugs for me to fix right away. So, if you see anything there, please let me know!

Thanks and hope you all have a solid weekend!


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