Fixes, Tuning, QoL - Beta Patch Notes

Hey all!

This is hopefully the last little patch before Timeless Tyrants goes live. Thank you to those sharing bugs and feedback. That has helped out so much!


-Bug Fix: Some auto job settings/info would not update when changing rooms/jobs.
-Bug Fix: Floating trees. Ya.
-Bug Fix: Entities having multiple companions. I believe this was causing some extra issues with entities joining rooms properly.
-Bug Fix: Children weren't being added to the family tab in the entity overlay.
-Bug Fix: Manual saves right at the moment that the auto-save occurs threw an error.
-Bug Fix: Some entity scenarios weren't saving/loading.
-Bug Fix: Sometimes newly acquired Ancients wouldn't start their dialogue for being freed from an immortality tomb.
-Bug Fix: Sometimes names weren't inserted into dialogue text, appearing as {@0} instead of the name.
-Bug Fix: Auto saves could happen when selection input was active, and could cause issues.
-Bug Fix: Light was not being removed when a light prop was.
-Bug Fix: Hatches wouldn't allow vertical pathing if a platform was below.
-Bug Fix: Water plant job couldn't be re-added to farm/arboretum.
-Bug Fix: Some names wouldn't update in the entity list for the entity info window.
-Bug Fix: Liquids item category was being added to stockpiles by default when it is not used in-game (yet).
-Bug Fix: Several tutorial arrows had incorrect positions.
-Bug Fix: Spellbooks were built by the chaos construct but unlocked with the arcane study. Now, they will be unlocked by the arcane study and built there. As well, the lectern of knowledge is now unlocked there too.
-Tuning: Added some dialogue for discovering immortality tombs to communicate that players should use the free job on stasis crystals.
-Tuning: Increased the time it takes for trees to mature.
-Polish: Added feedback to job buttons in the toolbar menu to indicate when the settlement doesn't have anyone with the required skill.
-Polish: Added additional hotkeys to skill toggles to enable/disable/reset all skills for an entity.

I might put out one very small patch after this, but we'll see. If you see anything crazy, let me know!

Thanks and have a solid day!


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Oct 13, 2022

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