v0_7_0_1 Update - Steam Is Live

Well. The day is finally here. It's 1:00am as I write this, so, apologies if this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. 

The game is now live on Steam. Almost two years of game development exactly. What a journey. Thanks to all those who bought the game on itch and were willing to help me find some of the most annoying bugs. And, even though they'll probably not read this update, I'd like to thank the devs behind itch.io. They've really made a wonderful resource, here.

I'll make a quick note about this update's changes. It's really just minor fixes and data tuning changes. Though, I did manage to put in a significant optimization to the way settlers look for resources which had previously slowed the game down quite a bit once you exceeded a certain amount of items.

So, what's next? Well, it's really up to the community. I'm going to keep improving the game and, for me, the community is an important part of that. There is still a lot to add. Heck. There are still four races to implement. Lots to do! We're just getting started.


oddrealm_v0_7_0_1_win.zip 130 MB
Jan 11, 2019
oddrealm_v0_7_0_1_linux.tar.gz 136 MB
Jan 11, 2019
oddrealm_v0_7_0_1_mac.zip 133 MB
Jan 11, 2019

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